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Support the Cause

As you may know, Bono and the other members of U2 have dedicated much of their time to helping the unfortunate as well as various other important causes around the world....


If you'd like to help improve our society, please consider joining U2 in contributing to these relief efforts!!

**I have provided links to the official web sites where you can learn more**

"Part of winning the war on terrorism is winning the war on poverty. We've had the wake-up call. If we stand by and watch this continent go up in flames, the price won't be paid solely in African lives. Let's move on supporting governments who want the best for their people, and cancel more debt, give more aid, and change trade rules to help Africa help itself." -BONO (February 1st, 2001)

Are you inspired by Bono to do something to relieve the crisis in Africa? 
YOU CAN HELP! PLEASE....Click on the banner below.

PLEASE CLICK HERE! Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa


The Red Hot Organization
for the Artists Against AIDS Worldwide Project
73 Spring Street
Suite 602
New York, NY 10012

The Burma Campaign

The Burma Campaign
Bickerton House
25-27 Bickerton Road
London N19 5JT

Drop the Debt

Jubilee 2000 Coalition
1 Rivington Street
London, WC2A 3DT
United Kingdom

Amnesty International

USA Section
322 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
*Note: If you'd like the addresses to the Irish or British sections, please e-mail me*


Greenpeace International
1436 V Street
NW Washington, DC 20009